The Sandwich Food Pantry is a non-profit, totally volunteer organization serving residents of Sandwich since 1983. The Pantry's goal is to help residents through difficult times by providing supplemental food, advice and directions to further sources of assistance. No matter how good or bad the economy may be there are some families struggling on a minimum income to provide food for their families for a variety of reasons, such as: injuries or disabilities causing temporary unemployment, temporary unemployment due to lack of work, a senior citizen's fixed income.

Some 400+ families are receiving our assistance. In order to achieve our goal, we rely on a variety of resources, volunteers and donations. 100% of the donations are used to support the Food Pantry and our clients. Each year we distribute 8,000 to 10,000 bags of groceries.

The Board of Directors is comprised of a dozen individuals representing community churches, businesses, organizations and the community at large. They are invited to join the board after being recommended and voted on by the Board. This ensures a well-rounded and experienced leadership to guarantee continuity and good stewardship. The Food Pantry Executive Director is a volunteer as are all board and staff members. The Board of Directors is the liaison between those in need and the resources of the community.

Our generous donors include:

  • Local food businesses donating a variety of items ranging from bread products to food items
  • Local businesses with Food Pantry piggy banks
  • Other commercial businesses and professionals, not in the food industry, either periodically provide donations or underwrite special programs for the Food Pantry.
  • Stores that provide bins where individuals can leave food donations. In addition, they may run campaigns to raise Food Pantry funds, and donate special needs, from foodstuffs to freezer space.
  • individuals donate money or food items, often collecting cans and bottles to be recycled for money to be donated to the Pantry.